A net zero building is a one with zero net energy consumption, meaning the total amount of energy used by the building on an annual basis is equal to the amount of renewable energy created on the site

Best Way Of Building



Climate change is challenging society and the way we will design homes in the future. AdlCL is compromised with that future and solves that challenge on each of our homes

  • The average Texas home monthly electric energy bill is $125, or $1500/year
  • Your NZH will have a $0 balance yearly between the energy consumed and generated.
  • The standard code complying US home has a HERS (home energy rating system) score of 100.
  • Your NZH Ready will have a minimum HERS score of 40 (60% more efficient).
  • EUI=energy usage index refers to the electric and gas bill used annually. The average US home has a EUI of 45.
  • The lower the EUI, the better, less energy consumed.
  • Your NZH will have an EUI below 20.
  • Your NZH will have a resale value between 10-30% more that the average market home


BERKSHIRE (4,200 sf)

  • HERS=45 (55% more efficient)

  • Anual energy cost (electricity+gas)=$2,477/yr. or $206/month

  • EUI=28

Annual total energy consuption:
58 cents/sf

HOGAN (3,400 sf)

  • HERS=42 (58% more efficient)

  • Anual energy cost (electricity+gas)=$2,330/yr. or $194/month

  • EUI=28.5

Annual total energy consuption:
68 cents/sf

RADBROOK (8,500 sf)

  • Targeted HERS=35 (65% more efficient)

  • Final Measured HERS-Score: 41(59% more efficient than a compliant code home)

  • Targeted Anual energy cost (electricity+gas)=$3,200/yr. or $266/month

  • Estimated EUI=25

Annual total energy consuption:
37 cents/sf

SANTA BARBARA (4,300 sf)

  • HERS=39 (61% more efficient)

  • Annual energy cost (electricity+gas)=$1,600/yr. or $133/month

  • Estimated EUI=20

Annual total energy consuption: 37 cents/sf

TYPICAL 2,000 sf ZEH home

  • HERS=10 (90% more efficient)

  • Annual energy cost (electricity+gas)=$600/yr. or $50/month

  • Estimated EUI=10

Annual total energy consuption: 30cents/sf


  • It Begins with the Design.
  • An affordable Zero Energy Home begins with an integrated Zero Energy Home (ZEH) design that is grounded in a detailed understanding of affordable Zero Energy Home Construction techniques. 
  • a project team – owner, builder, energy consultant, the landscaper, and designer.
  • Increased levels of insulation, air tightness, energy efficiency, and solar exposure and proper home site orientation
  • Address ZEH at the design phase, including exploring the most cost effective options for reaching Net Zero and verifying them through Energy Modeling.